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    who we are


    Cara Corey - Studio Director

    Cara Corey is a fiber artist based in St. Paul, MN. She started her career as a features writer for newspapers and magazines, but eventually realized she wanted to invest her time in her lifelong passion for crafting. Cara took over as Studio Director for Craft+Work in 2021. She also teaches many of our fiber arts classes. In her knitting and crochet classes, her goal is to build confidence in beginners by starting with chunky knit projects they can finish in one class. Once they’ve mastered that project, they can move on to smaller and smaller needles and yarn. She loves the moments when it clicks for students. Follow Cara on instagram @caracoreydesigns and visit her website www.caracoreydesigns.com.

    Roberta Rennie - Founder

    Roberta Rennie is a designer from Pacifica, CA, and the owner and founder of Craft+Work Studio. She has over 30 years of sewing experience having started sewing clothes for her Barbie dolls as a young child. Her love of sewing and fashion led to a degree in Fashion Design from the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She also holds a BS in Microbiology from Humboldt State University. Her line of handmade tote bags, handbags, and small leather accessories is RENNIEgoods. Roberta designs and constructs all her products by hand at Craft+Work Studio, and they can be found at www.renniegoods.com and on Instagram @renniegoods.


    Abby Dale - Co-Founder

    Abby Dale is a designer in Pacifica, CA and co-founder of Craft+Work Studio. Originally from Colorado, Abby has been in the Bay Area since 2006. She has a BFA from the University of Kansas, and through her extensive travels has developed her unique aesthetic - a juxtaposition of old and new.

    Abby takes pride in breathing new life into objects that have lost their luster. Making something you have thought about getting rid of, something you will love.


    what we do

    Looking for an online private event? Let us match your small-group with a qualified instructor to hold your private creative workshop online. Whatever your group's interest is, learning a new craft is a great way to connect. Great for virtual bridal showers, birthday parties, corporate team building, etc.! Contact us to get started.


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