Giant Knit Blanket w/Cara Corey - February 9
$165.00 - $180.00
Learn how to make a dreamy super thick and cozy knit blanket out of wool roving, plus tips and techniques for caring for these blankets. No knitting experience required! Knit and crochet designer Cara Corey will show you how to use a “table knitting” technique, forming the stitches with your hands rather than using knitting needles.
Saturday, Feb. 9th, 1pm - 3:30pm
Choose from Acrylic (vegan) roving or undyed Wool roving.
Class cost: $110 plus choice of roving.
Choose either acrylic roving (pick color from link below) $55
or undyed wool roving (as pictured in cover photo) $70
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$165.00 - $180.00
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Acrylic Yarn (specify color in comments)
Undyed wool yarn
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In this class you will also learn:
– How to source additional yarn/wool roving
– How to graft ends together by needle felting
– How to care for the wool, and use felting to prevent it from fuzzing too much
– Where to buy giant knitting needles (if you decide you want them) and how to make your own giant needles out of PVC pipe
The yarn we provide is enough roving to make a blanket approximately 30×50 inches in size with a lot of stretch.
For Acrylic roving, please choose a color from this link: 
 Wool roving will be Undyed (Cream).
Cara Corey is a knit and crochet pattern designer and owner of Cara Corey Designs. She specializes in simple, modern designs using oversized yarns and unorthodox materials. You can find her handmade home goods and cool-weather accessories at stores in San Francisco and Sausalito.