Textile Dyeing Series - Acid Dyes - Feb 29
In this class you will learn about acid dyes and how they differ from natural processes. You will also:
● Learn about scouring, mordanting and dyeing, and techniques including resist, gradations, and using multiple colors/overdyeing.
● Dye a final project, choose from a silk scarf, or a sock blank (can be knitted or crocheted for those who’d prefer yarn)
● Receive a booklet with information from the workshop as well as a resource list
Ages 14+ with adult participant.
Saturday, Feb. 29th, 11am-1pm
$80 per person, materials included
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Coming soon
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Acid dyes are synthetic pigments which do adhere to the fabrics and fibers using an acid, usually citric acid or vinegar. These dyes do not require fabrics and fibers be mordanted first but they do need to be scoured (washed). These types of dyes are quick to develop on the fabric or fiber and do not require as much time or heat, thus making the dye process quite fast. It's easier to reproduce exact colors because the dye is synthetic and doesn't exhibit slight changes based on growing season conditions like natural dyes do. We'll have 3 dye pots available and a broad range of dye pigments to choose from. We can also steam fabrics/fibers wrapped in plastic wrap in the microwave or use one of the dye pots as a steamer in order to set the dye. This is useful if people want to use more than three colors. I will discuss and demonstrate different dye techniques for this type of dye.
Students are welcome to bring their own items to dye (yarn, pillow covers, napkins, etc.). Please no large/bulking items. 
Class cost per person is $80, all materials included.This class is part of our Textile Dyeing Series! Save when you take more than one class. 
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About Heather Marano
Heather Marano is a fiber artist and knit designer with degrees in anthropology and archaeology. She studies textiles in western and non-western cultures and teaches classes on knitting, spinning, gardening, and natural dyeing of fibers and fabrics. She has her own line of yarns called The Minister's Cat Yarns and Fibers which she produces from her garden in Orinda, CA.