TEXTILE DYEING SERIES - Eco Printing on Fabric - March 21
Eco printing (bundle dyeing) uses flowers, bark, & leaves to impart color onto cloth. In this class Heather will teach you about scouring, mordanting, and the eco-print process, and ethical methods of botanical harvesting. Using the information learned, you will then create a final project using a silk scarf, and a wide variety of available botanicals provided by Heather.
In addition to hands-on instruction you will receive an informational sheet to repeat the process at home. Ages 14+ with participating adult.
Saturday, March 21st, 11am-1pm
$80 per person, materials included.
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Eco-printing involves using whole dyestuffs (flowers, bark, leaves) of plants which can impart color onto cloth. As with natural dyes, these fabrics must be scoured and mordanted in order for the dyes from the botanicals to adhere to the fabric. I will do all of this prior to class. The fabric is laid flat, the botanicals are arranged on the fabric and then the fabric is folded and then rolled up. it is secured with rubber bands or string and then steamed until the plants release their dye into the fabric. Usually, flower and leaf parts and individual colors can be seen like an image printed onto the fabric. I will bring all the botanicals I can get this time of year (likely dried marigold, roses, madder root, cochineal, walnut and oak leaves, etc.). I will also bring a solution of Saxon Blue, which is an extracted liquid from indigo production. It creates a teal dye on fabric and participants may use some in their dye jars if they choose. For this class, each participant will get a mason jar and lid, silk scarf, rubber bands, and access to all the botanicals. The scarves will be prepared and then placed in the jars and covered with boiling water. The longer they leave the scarf in the jar, the deeper the dyes will be.
Class cost per person is $80, all materials included.
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Heather Marano is a fiber artist and knit designer with degrees in anthropology and archaeology. She studies textiles in western and non-western cultures and teaches classes on knitting, spinning, gardening, and natural dyeing of fibers and fabrics. She has her own line of yarns called The Minister's Cat Yarns and Fibers which she produces from her garden in Orinda, CA.