Botanical Nature Printing - April 18
Nature Printing is a centuries-old printmaking technique that combines plant-pressing and hand coloring to create charming, hand-pressed compositions using fresh flowers, foliage, ink and paper. The process is unassuming and approachable, and no previous art experience is necessary to achieve rewarding results. Unlike botanical illustration or wood block printing, creativity through this art form can be explored without the need to draw and requires no special training or talent.
Sat., April 18th, 2020
10am - 4pm
Class cost is $150 per person
plus $15 materials fee payable on the day of class
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In this unique 6-hour, mixed-media workshop you will be introduced to the rich history of Nature Printing, followed by a demonstration and printing session. In the afternoon, we will continue to print as well as teach how to hand-color prints with watercolor washes. 
Each participant will discover the extraordinary in an "ordinary" leaf, flower or root. When an inked leaf is lifted there is a sense of awe and astonishment in the beauty observed with its shape, venation, and patterns. Each participant will learn design as they place their nature materials on their paper, becoming aware of edges, positive and negative space and what makes a pleasing composition. All participants will leave the workshop with gorgeous works of arts reminiscent of antique botanical prints. 
With this workshop, through an appreciation for creativity, I hope to enhance participants’ observational skills of the flora world; to cultivate a curiosity and observation of the hundreds of plants that we all see every day. Nature printing is an antidote to "plant blindness" and can help cultivate gratitude and a relationship with the natural world. I also hope to encourage participants to expand on their own ideas by finding ways to hand-print other the natural textures of nature.
$150 per person with a $15 materials fee payable directly to Latifat on the day of class
About your instructor...
Latifat Apatira is a physician, artist, and life-long plant-enthusiast. Latifat has always been in awe of plants—their beauty, color, intricacy, diversity, and function. In Spring of 2018, she participated in a nature printing workshop held at Filoli Historic House and Garden in Woodside, CA and fell in love with the art form. Since then, Latifat has attended other nature printing workshops around the country and has taught several workshops on her own. Her most recent workshop is in collaboration with San Francisco Botanical Garden. Her prints have been displayed in two solo-exhibitions and several group exhibitions; her work is can currently be seen at the Helen Crocker Russell Library of Horticulture, January-March 2020.  Latifat lives in South San Francisco, is a member of the international Nature Printing Society, and is writing a book on nature printing, sense of place, and plant blindness. 
Website:, Instagram:  @titilayola