Tarot for the Equinox! - March 19
Come celebrate the Spring Equinox with a night of Tarot! Who are you in the Tarot?
In this class we will focus on the souls life path in this incarnation. This gives great insight into what our soul came here to do and the triggers that can throw us out of alignment.
We will look at all nine life paths in the Major Arcana. Looking at the positive and shadow aspects of each card. No prior experience with the Tarot necessary. Please bring a journal to take notes.
Thursday, March 19th, 7-9pm
Class cost: $56
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About your instructor...
Rachel Sterling is an experienced energy healer, tarot card reader, psychic medium, and teacher. Her background as a social worker in the Bay Area has taught her deep listening and enables her to connect with clients struggling through both exterior and interior life issues. Over the past 18 years Rachel has enjoyed the honor of teaching Goddess bellydance and building a community of strong women dedicated to the practices and sacred knowing of the Divine Feminine. She is also a founding member of the first empath support group in Northern California based around the books and teachings of Judith Orloff.
“My mission as a healer is to create a safe space for well being and help people move away from fear and into an awakened state of knowledge, love, and empowerment.”
Rachel Sterling Tarot Readings 
Rachel Sterling has long been steeped in mystical experience. As far back as childhood she had an open channel to individual spirits and an empathic sense of energy. This intuitive instrument combined with her deep empathy and skilled knowledge has proven a strong alchemy when approaching the Tarot. People do not just walk away from a reading but carry their new wisdom with them, wielding it as a healing tool to align and empower them along their path. In Rachel’s words, “We can deeply heal our souls when we consciously see patterns that no longer serve us in our lives. Tarot provides the insight so we can become more conscious.”www.sterlingsmudge.com