The Art of Self-Care - Create Your Own Resiliency - Art Journaling Online May 8

The Art of Self-Care - Create Your Own Resiliency - Art Journaling Online May 8

Many people think self-care is a massage or a glass of wine with friends. What if self-care was instead, the moment by moment by moment decision of how you want to think, feel, and act? Let’s explore how self-care can foster your own resiliency in these incredibly difficult times. Join this restorative and innovative workshop! You will walk away with inspiration, a new handmade art journal, and easy strategies to practice at home.

Saturday, May 8, 2020, 1-4 pm PST, online via Zoom
Class cost: $75
Please read below for materials to gather at home...
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The time is now, more than ever, to fill your own container so that we can work together to turn this world around. We often give so much of our energy and creativity to our job, our responsibilities, our families and forget to take care of ourselves. So how about returning to the inspiration in our own hearts to reboot? What if self-care was more like coming home to you? Instructor Michelle Holdt will help you explore these ideas. 

Please gather scissors, glue stick, and a blank journal. Also collect the following:

Random "fun paper" around your house, wrapping paper, magazines, newspapers, fun pattern paper, old notes and birthday cards, photos, receipts, kids artwork, really anything – but especially look for PATTERNS and COLORS and WORDS that catch your eye. Just gather a collection….

The Zoom link will be sent to you via email 24-48 hours prior to class.


About your instructor, MICHELLE HOLDT, M.A.

Michelle Holdt is a new transformational leader in the world of self love. She is the Founding Executive Director of Arts Ed Matters. She is a passionate Goddess committed to living a joyful authentic life and supporting others to do the same. She has developed and led this engaging and inspiring workshop in the Bay Area, in California, and around the U.S.